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Proof that its better sometimes to just wait

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Dd7 (almost 8)always struggled with tying her shoes. I started trying to teach her when she was 4 and when she turned 6 decided we'd both had enough and just resigned myself to purchasing shoes with no laces.


Yesterday she received a pair of tie shoes from grandma in the mail. She was sad because she didn't know how to tie but I told her that we would work on it today. When she came downstairs this morning she had her new shoes on and they were tied perfectly. I asked her who had tied them and she beamed and said that she just sat down and did it right the first time. :D


I guess her fingers finally caught up to those instructions in her brain!

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Agree! Dd 5yo isn't mentally ready to tie her shoes even though she has great fine motor skills.


Ds2 is another example of wait until they're ready. He was really afraid to learn to ride a bike without training wheels, so he just didn't ride for nearly 2 years. At 6.5 yo he decided he was ready and it took just a few minutes before he was stable and balanced on his two-wheeler.


Great job for your dd!



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