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Dye free Kool-aid type drink mix?

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Is there such a thing? My dc won't drink water. I have tried and they will literally go without drinking all day.:glare: I used to dilute juice 50%, but they go through it so fast and it is becoming too expensive with the ammount they drink. I bought some kool-aid and made it with 25% less sugar and was thinking I could make it with only 25% sugar and 50% stevia, but I don't want dye in the drink mix.


Is there any drink mix that you add sweetener to that doesn't have any dye or dangerous chemicals?


Organic kool-aid? :lol:

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You can make a syrup (just like making jelly but don't put in the pectin) and dilute with water as a drink. Dc really like raspberry and elderberry. If you make it yourself, you can adjust the amount of sugar you put in, but some is necessary if you want to can it like jelly.


I suppose you could make it sugar free and store in the freezer but I haven't tried it.


You can buy these syrups at ethnic grocery stores sometimes, but I don't know what they use for a sweetener.

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There is invisible kool-aid. That's all I ever buy for parties and such because I do NOT want children in my home with anything that permanently stains everything it touches.


My mil gave me this recipe and I love it. Might be a good alternative.

Lime water - 1 small can limeade concentrate, 1 c. sugar(or sugar alternative), 1 gal. water. It tastes great and my kids love it. There's a little bit of vitamin c there somewhere.

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1 part lemon juice

1 part sugar

6 1/2 parts water


(So 1 cup lemon, 1 cup sugar, 6 1/2 cups water will make about 8 cups of lemonade. Ideally, do it in a bottle you can shake up, otherwise stir well.)


I use the generic brand of "RealLemon", and it's really good. I always get complements, especially from folks who are used to store-bought or powder-based lemonade.


I have, however, cut back drastically on juice in general. It did take several days of not having any to get the kiddos used to water. Some prefer the filtered water, some are happy with the tap water. Now I buy one bottle of juice and when it's gone, it's gone. For me, any kind of sugar-water is pretty much a waste of my food dollars. If they're not getting nutrition out of it, it's not worth the cost to me. (We do lemonade mostly for parties.)

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This recipe has become our family favorite. I buy lemons regularly now and the other flavors are often requested as well. You can find the original here

The single most popular recipe I share with other moms is the one for my Healthy Lemonade. It’s super easy, and so good! There’s nothing to it:

Take two lemons and squeeze the juice out of them. (I just use a hand juicer that cost about $2 at the grocery store.)

Put the juice into a two quart pitcher, and then fill it the rest of the way with pure water.

Add 2-4 droppers full of Sweet Leaf Stevia. You can use the Lemon Drop flavor, which is very popular, the plain (which is great because it’s so versatile), or a fun flavor like Grape, Valencia Orange, or Apricot Nectar.

Stir and enjoy!

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Guest Puritanmama

Yes, there is! It's called "Invisible Kool-Aid". You can buy it on Amazon. Currently the only unsweetened flavor I can find is Watermelon-Kiwi, but our kids like that. We only add stevia - either 1/2 tsp. pure stevia powder, or 1 cup Stevia in the Raw (that's stevia with fillers so it will measure like sugar.) If you don't care about sugar, there are other "invisible" flavors.


There's also a product called Stevita - which are little packets of flavored stevia you add to water. They taste good, but are much pricier than the Kool-Aid.


We generally only do those for special treats. My kiddos drink natural herbal fruit teas with organic lemon juice and stevia for extra sweetness if they get a special drink. Otherwise, we ALL have water at most every meal. (Sugar-addiction is something I've struggled with for years, so I want to give my children a clean slate if I can.)



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This already has the sugar, but here is cherry: http://www.amazon.com/Kool-Aid-Sweetened-Invisible-19-Ounce-Container/dp/B001EQ4W4Y


Also, Crystal Light Pure: part sugar, part stevia... no dyes, tastes great mixed at half the recommended strength. I find it cheapest at Big Lots and Target. http://www.kraftbrands.com/crystallight/Pages/default.aspx#/pure


These have been fabulous for my child who can't have dyes.

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