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MCT Island *AND* FLL 3?


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I am trying to decide whether to do both MCT Island and FLL 3 or only the MCT materials. We've started Grammar Island and my non-LA son is really enjoying it! He told me today that he *loves* adjectives. Loves them!! :lol:


We were FLL 1/2 dropouts- started it but never finished it. It was a lovely program, but just way too slow paced for his attention span. We'd start the 32nd lesson on nouns and he'd tune out. So... I'm really happy with how grammar is going so far this year. I don't want to overload him with grammar and discourage this new outlook!


On the other hand, I've been looking forward to getting to FLL 3 for a while. I like the idea of diagramming... and was looking forward to learning how to do along side him. :blushing:


But, we've got a pretty full schedule already and I'm wavering here. If I decide to do both, we'd alternate days and just take as long as it takes. But if it's really not necessary, then we could use the breathing room in our schedule. And of course, I've made it this long without know how to diagram. :001_huh:


~ How necessary a skill do you consider diagramming (in the traditional style) to be?


~ I know some other folks have mentioned doing both MCT and FLL. Is it confusing at all to your child to teach them the MCT method of analyzing sentences at the same time you are teaching regular diagramming? Or are they different enough to avoid confusion?


Thanks for any input!!

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I own both and have spent some time going through both.


I am sticking with MCT for now, because I think it covers everything well for 3rd grade, we are enjoying it, and there is just no way we will be able to do two grammar programs. :) I am already doing several different things for writing.


I do think diagramming is important. However, the diagramming in FLL is very simple, and after going through the whole book, I don't think it is going to be any detriment to my child to not do this level of diagramming this year. Maybe it does make a difference for a child that is more visual, I don't know.


Do you have access to the latest edition of TWTM? It may be in the older ones, too. In the program recommendations, there is a discussion about diagramming. I think diagramming at this stage is so introductory, that it isn't critical as long as we are doing some sort of sentence analysis, as in MCT. Diagramming is really dug into in the logic stage, and there are books that you can get to supplement the diagramming if you choose a grammar program that doesn't include it.


Where FLL does shine for me, is in the memorizing of the definitions and the pos lists. I am continuing this part of the program (prepositions, etc.).

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Well, I've never learned traditional diagramming and I turned out just fine. <head twitching> ;)


Ok, seriously, I think MCT does introduce regular diagramming in the secondary level books. So it will be taught, just not in 3rd grade. I had a hard time not buying FLL 3. I ended up dropping FLL 1/2 for my oldest dc for the reasons you listed. I had high hopes of FLL 3 being better, but then I discovered MCT, and I'm very happy with it. I already have the tendency to try to pile on too many LA programs, so we're better off without FLL 3.

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We do FLL 3 and MCT Island (and ds#2 is doing FLL 2 and MCT Island). Ds#1 isn't thrilled with FLL 3, but I feel it is worth it (and we'll do FLL 4 with MCT Town next year). I was never taught diagramming and though my grammar has always been fine despite dismay teaching of it while in school, I also feel it is a very good skill to learn. We have no problems going back and forth between FLL and MCT - ds#1 and I do FLL together at the table and then we do MCT together as a family. So, the Practice Island sentence goes on the chalkboard where we analyze it together. (Right now we are focusing on parts of speech, subject/predicate, and phrases.) Then we read one of the books together.


MCT is 4 days a week for us. It takes about 15-20 minutes to do; Practice Island is done together at lunch time. FLL takes about 15 minutes per kid. In all, I feel they are getting a very firm grammar foundation between the two programs, and I will probably keep them in a secondary grammar program even after FLL if I feel they need the extra practice.

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I will reread the LA sections in TWTM, especially the logic stage- that's definitely been a while! Thanks for the suggestion!


So, if you are not doing the diagramming portions of FLL3 this year, do oyu plan to use FLL3 for diagramming in the future? Or some other program?


I think it's in TWTM. Last night I was listening to SWB's talk about elementary writing and she mentions in there about books you can add for diagrams if your LA program doesn't teach it.


I won't go back and do FLL3 after MCT. I haven't decided if we are sticking with MCT for the duration but most likely will for 4th grade with the Town books. Like I said, I'm not really worried about missing the diagramming in FLL3 and I don't think it will keep a 4th or 5th or 6th grader back if it isn't started until then. FLL 3 is just diagramming very simple sentences, subject/predicate with their adjectives and adverbs, mostly. That's JMO though.


I learned diagramming in middle school and did it for a few years and think it is beneficial.

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