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Is this enough for my 9th grader?

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14 yo ds is doing:


Omnibus (online w/Veritas Press): This counts as a credit each for history, literature, and theology


Algebra I (videotext)


Latin 1


Art History




Integrated Physics and Chemistry D.I.V.E.


I'm totally overwhelmed right now and wonder if I'm doing the right thing by even thinking I can homeschool through high school. It's undoubtably the right thing for ds but I'm afraid I'm going to short change him and he won't be accepted into any college when he graduates.


A specific question I have is whether D.I.V.E. science is sufficient for college entrance requirements. Ds has NO idea what he wants to do when he's an adult or what school he will be interested in attending. So I'm not sure how to go about researching what colleges are requiring these days.


Any advice is soooo appreciated! I need to know what I'm doing and I really don't think that I do!

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Omnibus will give him an impressive book list--I used 2 years of it, and my ds' interviewer for the cinema program at VCU was very impressed by his book list, asking him about his favorite Great Book (his was Song of Roland, and he had something to say, which was a first...;)).


You have 8 credits, right? That's plenty. As far as the science, I don't know about DIVE--does it include a lab component? You will need 2 lab sciences. If you use this year as an introduction, he could do advanced physics and advanced chem (chem with a lab) in 10th and 11th, and bio with a lab in 12th, if you want.


His subjects look appropriate, varied, and high school worthy!

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It looks like an interesting and challenging course load to me. :) Someone may correct me as I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think that DIVE will explain the chemistry very well, but a text could give him more practice problems. I would suggest using a text along with the DIVE. I think it also helps to have something concrete in front of you when doing chemistry - something to refer to and flip through and see in print ... Can you tell I like texts? :tongue_smilie:

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