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Bolchazy Traditional Readers

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My dd14 is finishing up Artes Latinae Level 2. The current plan is for her to sit in on an Aeneid class next fall semester, and see if she feels up to taking the AP Latin. Meanwhile, the plan is to work through some of the Bolchazy-Carducci transitional readers. Any suggestions for which one(s) to start with? Other suggestions for bridging the gap year? She's a math/science sort of girl, and likes Latin well enough but has struggled to get through AL.


Aaaargh I meant *transitional* readers, not *traditional.* Anyone know how to change a thread title?

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Another thumbs-up for the Legamus transitional readers! My dd worked through the Vergil transitional reader during the summer before she tackled the AP Vergil exam, and it eased the way into the AP course for her. She's a math + humanities sort of girl.


My son is all math & science. He learned basic Latin from Artes Latinae (both levels) like your daughter. Before he tackled AP Latin, he spent an interim year working through Henle 3 and some of Excelability in Advanced Latin. He would say that it was helpful in that there were a couple of gaps in Artes that were filled in that year, but on the other hand he was a bit bored and probably could have started the AP material sooner.



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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm curious what gaps, specifically, AL has; anything I could just use Wheelock to fill in (it being cheaply available)?


Thanks also for the thought of using the Vergil Legamus the summer before her AP prep class. I think we might order the Ovid for this semester.


I'm curious too why more people don't use AL. I started using it years ago after canvassing local homeschoolers about what they used that resulted in their children actually being able to read Latin; the answers I got were Wheelock's and Artes Latinae. Wheelock's was too dry for dd at her age, so we spent the big bucks on AL and haven't regretted it.

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