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I had to laugh at this (teA related post)

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I went in to a big pharmacy store today with dd2, to buy some c@nd@ms. They happened to be on sale, buy one get one free, so I picked up two boxes and took them to the cashier, who was a middle aged man with spiky hair. He muttered something as he scanned my items, which I didn't catch, so I hmm'ed and sort of smiled politely. As I paid, he said quite loudly, "ah.. you've got a perfume voucher on this purchase.. that'll put a smile on your face! Like what you've bought will!" :blush: well I sure did smile then.. but perhaps not for the reason he'd mentioned! I just couldn't get out fast enough...!

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I'll never forget the story a friend of mine told me from her days as a cashier. She liked to talk and was a tad scatterbrained. One day someone she knew came through her line with condoms and a bottle of wine. She went on and one about what was he doing tonight, hoped he had a good time, oblivious to what he was purchasing. It dawned on her after he left why he was so embarrassed. :lol::lol:

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