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What Internet Protection filter do you use?

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Scary Momma Eyes.


I keep a close eye on their internet time, the computer the younger kids use is right there in the classroom, so it would be pretty hard to do anything squirrelly.


Now my 17 year old dd has a computer with internet, but she is 17 and has never given me any reason not to trust her. So she is not monitored at all.

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We have also been pleased with K-9 -- and you can't beat the price! :) We tried the Safe Eyes free trial. I liked that it had the option of setting up individual accounts for each child (time allocations, acceptable websites, etc...) but with the number of dc we have, it actually made it more work than just having one general account and password with the same conditions for all.


With K-9 you can schedule the hours when internet connection is available and easily override it when needed. You can customize the website block/exceptions and also override those when needed. It's worked very well for us.


The one thing it doesn't have is IM access/monitoring settings but the creators have said that they are hoping to add that in at some point.


The other thing that we all either laugh at (or groan about) is K-9's way of alerting you to a blocked website or telling you it's not time to be on -- Zander, the company mascot, barks at you. Scares you half to death if the sound is turned up and you aren't expecting it! We have our comp centrally located and when you've been barked at everyone knows it! My dh loves it. My dc's response if they need to get on and cant, "Mom, the dog's barking again." He's the only pet we own at the moment and the upkeep is so easy! LOL!

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We use AVG Free Edition. You can read about it on CNET.


We had Zone Alarm on our lst PC, before it died. I'll probably download that again, when I get around to it. That was free, too. They also have good informatioin on their site about what to use for protection.

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