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Am I ever going to lose weight???????

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Help please!!! I have the hardest time losing weight. I lose weight when I am pregnant and then poof gain it back as soon as I am not.. That is so frustrating. I lost twenty pounds when my ex and I split up two year ago from the stress but as soon as I was eating again it came right back. I went to a dietitian before him and I split and they said I don't overeat. Although, naturally now I do snack when I get emotional which I am working on cutting out. Long story short, what do you do to lose weight? Videos? Diet plans? I am not looking for anything but to be healthy. Any ideas?? I don't even know how many calories, carbs, or fat that I should have a day.


Thanks for listening once again!



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After I had my kids I never got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, I never got below my pregnancy weight (which is depressing when you consider that I gained 60 lbs in my first pregnancy). About a year ago, dh and I decided that we were tired of feeling unhealthy. We're not so much concerned with looking like greek gods and goddesses, just not groaning when we stand up or sit down (I mean, I'm 28... I shouldn't groan like a 90 year old!) So, at first we tried the Five Factor diet and fitness plan. Combining the two dropped me down 30 lbs, but as soon as I stopped working out 5 days a week AND eating super healthy, the weight started to come back. I kept with the eating plan (simple enough - you should have more fruit/vegetables than protein, and your carbs should come from whole grains and vegetables). Now, a year later, we've moved to working out with the P90X workout. It kicks my butt... Everyday... But I like it. And I'm seeing some pretty amazing results.


In terms of eating, how often do you eat? Would you say, honestly, that you are combining the right amount of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and whole grains into your diet? How much liquid do you intake in a day? Is it mostly water, or are you a heavy soda/coffee/tea drinker?


The key to any weight maintenance is going to be a balance of diet and exercise (which I guess we all probably know). The thing that I realized was killing me was cleaning off my kids' plates... And I don't mean dish washing.

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I dont drink enough, that I do know. The only time I drink is when I eat which

is three times a day. I went and bought bottle water for the express purpose of drinking more. But do I do it??? Nope! Its funny cause I'm so worried about my kids eating right but I fail to do so myself.



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Weight Watchers Meetings and lifestyle plan are FANTASTIC. I am a Lifetime Member, having once reached my goal and maintained it for 6 weeks. Now I am RE-reaching that goal after having my last child. The program teaches you healthy eating, the amount you should be eating for your height, age, lifestyle, gender, weight (it becomes less as you reduce your weight), and how to get active and fit to keep it off forever. The meetings are excellent for group support and learning from other members.


I would also recommend having your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism can make weight loss quite difficult.


My most recent improvement to my health is beginning a Couch to 5K exercise plan, which has me RUNNING for the first time in my life. It makes me feel incredible and forget that I will be 40 in a few short months.

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