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We read and liked the David Ferry version that's recommended in the WEM. I really like SWB's recs in that book. Gilgamesh is a pretty quick read.




I love the Ferry translation. I did it as a read aloud with younger kids, and just skipped a few lines here and there as needed.



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When our DSs were 8th and 9th grades, we used Jennifer Westwood's prose retelling (not a translation): "Gilgamesh and Other Babylonian Tales", and all really enjoyed it. Westwood's version completely skips the scene of the temple prostitute teaching Endiku "the ways of love" (which I was very okay with! lol!) but has several interesting Babylonian creation and flood myths which make for a great compare/contrast paper with Biblical accounts of creation and the flood.


Unfortunately, this version is out of print, and cheapest I'm seeing it right now is $28+shipping at http://www.abe.com, or $30+shipping at Amazon's used books. It is not a very thick hardback, and I wouldn't pay over $15 (including shipping). JMO. BEST of luck finding the translation that works for your family! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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We just finished... A poetic Version by Robert W. Watson. A great read aloud. Finished in 5 days. Bought it from My Father's World.


That's what we used. Didn't read it aloud though. (that could have been neat to do. didnt' think of it.) And we liked the discussion questions in the lesson plans with it, but those aren't separate purchase just for Gilgamesh... oh well.... still liked this poetic version though.





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