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How long does it take/homeschool routine

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We are in the third week now too. Maybe that is why I am having such a rough time with it today. Actually it is just dd8 I am having a rough time with. My boys are doing very well with following their schedules and getting everything done every day. My daughter, who should be done by noon, doesn't seem to manage to actually do anythign before noon... :glare:

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We're in week 5 of our first year and we're not there yet. DS has a crying emotional ourburst today because "I hate school, why do we have to do it?! Everything we're donig is boring!!" He never complained about going to PS where he was actually bored. :glare:


DD is loving her new found freedoms and ability to delve deeper into the things she's interested in, but she has always been my easy child.


I think my 2 year old is having the biggest adjustment because she doesn't have mama all to herself anymore.

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