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Going from Latin Prep 1 to Second Form Latin--easily doable?

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We were doing LiCT, Volume II and my ds was struglling quite a bit. I finally decided to do Latin 2 all over again, and have begun using 2nd Form Latin.


It includes review of all Latin 1 material, so I think that if you've done a year of Latin, you should be fine with this. (I'm assuming that you're talking about a high-school student.)


To be sure though, here is what you're expected to have taught in Latin 1:


Nouns: 1st through 5th declensions (but not i-stem nouns)

Verbs: 1st & 2nd conjugations, "sum" -- present tense, perfect tense & principal parts

Adjectives 1st/2nd declension adjectives (and their endings)


These things do get reviewed in SFL, but if you haven't taught them at all, it might not be enough to understand & master them.



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