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Trying to make a history game...advise

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This is the first year that I'm using the tests for Story of the World. I learned that my kids, especially my daughter, aren't retaining the information at all. So, I got the great idea of having the kids using the review questions to create game cards for a history trivial pursuit like game. They are to use the review questions in the activity guide to make up a question, with the answer, which we will use later to play the game. I figured when we had enough cards, we make up a game board where we could roll the die and land on a space for a particular volume of Story of the World. Sounded like a good idea...they get review when making the cards, get review while playing the game, and the game has potential for being a fun way to review.


Well, I looked at the cards the kids are making and we're getting questions like this:


Fill in the blanks: They made _____________ their king and said they were independent of ________________.


What did William's subjects do?


Who ordered Mary killed? Why?


Well, you can't get much more vague than the first one and I'm sure that there's been more than one William and Mary in the course of history.


Is this just a bad idea? Ideas for making it work?

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Maybe each time period could be a different colored card? Or on each card you could have several different categories--then the object of the game was to get one correct in each category (I think this is how Trivial Pursuit is played???) You could do places, people, dates, etc.

Maybe they could try a few different formats--multiple choice, T/F

It might take a little 'training' to get them to word things in such a way; kind of like training kids to write in complete sentences.


Sounds like fun! Could be a marketable idea!

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