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Do you know this math website?

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I am in the process of looking at math curriculum for my dd age 12. Someone had posted a math curriculum that was totally online. It had different levels and I believe that they were .pdf type booklets. I can't even remember the name. Does anyone use anything like this or know what I am talking about?



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Kelli, do you use this as your base or as supplement?


I noticed the money is not US currency. Does that pose a problem?


I use it as a supplement. My two younger use MEP and Horizons. My 12 year old uses TT pre algebra, MEP and we just started him with Aleks to solidify some things that were tumbling out of his brain.


We either change the money to US or skip it. We skipped some of the metric system stuff too, there are only so many hours in a day.

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