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What do you like from Christian Liberty Press


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We are big CLP workbook fans.

1.Bible, Studying God's Word series - we use a John MacArthur's Teen study bible NKJV with it along with a general KJV.


3.Adventures in Phonics- we use level C after SSRW

4.I've also used several of their history texts to go with other programs.

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We have used a lot of CLP too.


Originally we started with an entire school year curriculum, but we eventually got rid of the Phonics (it frustrated the pants off me and my daughter). We were also still using it for math until just recently, but I've found that you will need a little supplementing if you're going to use MCP.

What we've kept (and LOVE) includes their History books, Readers, Science books (readers, not textbooks - we go with the A Beka option that they provide for textbooks), Bible, Spelling, and English (we use the BJU books instead of the A Beka ones).

My DD quite often just sits down to read through her Readers, even though she's read all of them several times over.


And, as a side note, you can't beat the price.

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Oh, I'm glad to see some positive reviews of their history books. I have been reading Cathy Duffy's book about choosing Christian curriculum (sorry, the title escapes me at the moment:001_huh:), and I found that the basic beliefs of CLP are more congruent with my own than some of the other Christian curriculum companies out there. We'll be doing American history next year, so I may choose them for that. I've been trying to find samples of there books but don't see them. Are there some samples of their history texts? I'm also eyeing the Story of Inventions, though I see it's marketed for 6th grade. I'd love to see a few sample pages of that one also. Am I missing the samples somewhere on the site?

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I love Adventures in Phonics. I love its straight forward approach and how much it covers. I just ordered spelling books yesterday for my daughters and I hope I like them as much as I have Adventures in Phonics. My dd6 has not been has thrilled with the Phonics though.


ETA: My daughter just told me that there should be a grumpy face icon to show how she feels about Adventures in Phonics.

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