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Has Everyone Voted For Their Favorite Curriculum?

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She doesn't have a write in so I can't vote for the curriculum I use and love.:001_smile:


Yep! I'd have voted Oak Meadow, but that's not one of the options, and there's no place to click "Other" and add it in. Plus it says that votes must be received BEFORE 9/15, which would mean as of yesterday.

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I was frustrated too.


Saxon, but not Modern Curriculum Press?

I surprised by the token catholic option of Seton, but I'd wager far more homeschoolers use Kolbe and Mother of Divine Grace as they are easier for non-Catholics to adjust.

Queen language lessons, but not Erma Serl or Hillside Education?

I added winter promise, oak meadow, MCP math, Hillside, Write with the Best and some more that I've already forgotten.

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