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Discipline and training Spirited Children

Guest mrsjamiesouth

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My aunt has already been through this stage with her boy and she just repeated "we spit in the sink or in a tissue" over and over. I've never seen him spit so I guess it worked.


My dd spat at me for a few days and I'd give her a disgusted look, tell her yuk, and get up and walk off. Since she was doing it for attention, and it didn't work, she got sick of it.



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The worst thing in the world at that age for my spirited child was to have to be still. So I would make him sit on the couch or chair for two minutes (or whatever his age at the time). If you've watched the Supernanny, sometimes it was just like that at my house. Sometimes it took an hour to get the 2 or 3 minutes of sitting. But I didn't give in and eventually he got the message.


Today, at almost 10, that child is a pure delight to have around.


Spitting would immediately warrant a trip to the chair--after it was cleaned up.

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The more punitive approach (time out or brush your teeth) would not be likely to work well for a "spirited" child, in my experience. Mine would just move from spitting to kicking and screaming if you did that. And are you going to brush for him? Mine wouldn't exactly do it willingly.


The first suggestion is more of a training and ignoring idea and would probably come closest to working with a truly "spirited" child. But if this is a normally low-key and sensitive child and it is mostly this behavior you are labeling spirited, then perhaps the other approaches would work.



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