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So who won America's Got Talent this year?

Which act is your choice for the final in America's Got Talent?  

  1. 1. Which act is your choice for the final in America's Got Talent?

    • Prince Poppycock
    • Michael Grimm
    • Jackie Evancho
    • Fighting Gravity
    • Other.

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So let's see if we can predict the winner with a poll here.


If you watched, either on TV or online, please vote for either who you voted for or who you would have voted for if you had voted. (The video for Tuesday's show is not online yet, but perhaps it will be show up before they announce the winner on Wednesday night.)


If you didn't watch, please either don't vote or vote 'Other'.


We'll see tomorrow night if we picked the same winner as the rest of America.

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Prince Poppycock!! His performance tonight wasn't that great (not sure why he picked an opera when he was up against someone who sings that style) but the ideas in his head are amazing!!! Very creative!


For a Vegas show though, I think it will be between Prince Poppycock and Fighting Gravity.


I like Michael but he sounds way TOO much like Michael Bolton.


Jackie is amazing but I just don't see her doing a Vegas show.

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I have to say Prince Poppycock. He has been a favorite around this house since his very first appearance. I think he is just wonderful, and DD loves him also. Although, she is very interested to know why that boy (giggle giggle) is dressed like a girl (gigglegiggle) and WHAT kind of name is Prince Poppycock? :lol: (The giggles are hers, not mine!)


I do like Michael Grimm though, so I hope he gets a recording contract. I was really sad to see Anna and Patryk go, I was hoping to see them in the final round.

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I really like all four for different reasons, but I voted for Jackie due to how amazing her voice is, especially at 10. Her voice is breathtaking. Our family loves Prince Poppycock; he has such amazing ideas and a beautiful voice, also. We, especially dd14, love Michael, too. He is so talented, and has an interesting back story. Then, Fighting Gravity is really awesome, too! I mean, those college kids really thought up something new, creative, and entertaining.


I can totally see either Fighting Gravity or Prince Poppycock in Vegas. They both seem like Vegas acts. Michael and Jackie will both end up with contracts, regardless of who wins.


Sorry to sit the fence, but they're all just so good this year!

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Before last night I would have said it would be between Prince Poppycock and Jackie, but I think Prince Poppycock blew it and it will be between Jackie and Fighting Gravity.


As for a Vegas show, I would much rather see Fighting Gravity or Prince P. As far as talent goes, Jackie wins, but I don't know how healthy or practical it would be to have a 10 year old headlining a show in "Sin City"... just my humble opinion.


Tonight should be interesting.

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I cry every.time. that little girl sings. I love Prince Poppycock - last night was a dud, but his previous skits have been over the top fun. I don't know. I hate to think of her in Vegas. She belongs at Carnegie Hall, the Met - somewhere that will be moved and appreciate that voice, not just the oddity of a 10 yo with that voice. We've always just watched the last few episodes of AGT or AI and this truly is the best group of talent I've ever seen.

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They are all talented.


Prince Poppycock is a Vegas act. He has talent and is funny and would fit right in performing in Vegas. I didn't like his performance last night because I was wanting and expecting to see something funny, like his previous performances. He could certainly hold his own performing a serious opera, though.


Jackie is an amazing singer, no question about it. She has a tremendous future. I don't think she needs to win in order to perform, and I can't imagine her as a Vegas act at her age, but perhaps that is not the main goal here. She would be my second choice to win.


Michael is a good singer and I would like him to get a contract and obtain his dream of providing financially for his family. My third choice.


But I would like Fighting Gravity to win. I would pay to see them perform. It's magical to watch, creative, and probably much better in person than on tv.

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