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What kind of dog is this?

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Some friends found this guy abandoned by the side of the road. Unfortunately, the vet determined yesterday that he most likely has liver cancer & is dying. His belly was (and still is) very swollen and he is so thin that you can easily feel the sharp edges of his bones. Poor guy has the sweetest temperament of any dog I have ever seen.


He looks like a bichon, but has a longer nose. If he is a bichon, are they usually so loving and docile?



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My friends still have him. The vet doesn't think he has much longer to live. :( She drained some stuff from his abdomen yesterday, and the poor guy didn't even protest while she did it.


I wish we could keep him! He is such a sweetie.


the entire scenario is so heartbreaking. I hope he's on medication to help relieve his pain.


ETA: Your friends are angels. I'm so glad they are giving him the end he deserves.

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So sad! He looks like a poodle/poodle mix to me.


We have a friend who took in an abandoned cat with cancer. He kept her until she passed a few weeks later. That cat gave him all the love she could right up until the end. It was like she was trying tell him how much she appreciated his care :crying:.

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