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Could I freeze this meal?

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I want to make this pot pie and take it to a family for a dinner. But I don't know if they need it that night or another (it is a suprise.) I am lame at the whole what-freezes-and-how game (I used to do freezer meals, but I only froze parts of the meals,) so will someone please help me? Also, I was going to take it uncooked, but should I bake it before I take it instead, and then they could just reheat it? Or do you have a better idea for a meal (I already took them pasta once, I need a chicken one this time) that could be frozen if they need to?


I am used to just showing up at dinner time to drop off a hot meal...


TIA!!!! :001_smile:

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Sure, I freeze stuff like that all the time. It shouldn't be any problem. The only thing I would do is let the stew cool completely before you put it in the pie shell - you don't want a soggy crust - and freeze it unbaked. I find that things that are cooked, frozen and basically reheated are too much like leftovers for us. Pot pies are a great pop in the oven meal. Sounds good to me!

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