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We had a cat-astrophy yesterday evening!


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We recently sold our house and moved into a rental, as we are in the process of selecting a builder to build a new house. This rental has two large attic spaces upstairs with regular-type doors that open into them. Our two sons know they are not suppose to go into the attics without an adult and, up until yesterday, they were obeying that rule quite nicely.


Yesterday mid-morning I noticed that the boys had one of the attic doors open. After determining who the culprit was, I made sure the child understood that this was not allow.


Fast forward to yesterday evening. I went into the master bathroom to use the restroom. I heard my female cat meowing very loudly, which is common for her. But it sounded like she was on the other side of the wall, in the shower. I checked, nope, not there. There was only one place she could be, based on where the sound was coming from. She was IN the wall between the shower and the toilet!


I raced upstairs and immediately noticed that one of the doors to the attic was not completely closed so I knew someone had been in there again. I went in and started calling her, thinking she might be able to get back out the way she got in. My male cat came out of the attic while I was calling to the female.


To make a long story a bit shorter, dh ended up having to cut through the wall to get the cat out. She was not a very happy camper. I was worried she might have a broken leg from walling down through the wall but, thankfully, she was not hurt.


There was a bit of confusion as to who had opened the door to the attic, as one son said he did it and I think it might have been to keep first son who had already been punished once for this that day, from being punished again. By the time I figured out for sure who had done it, it was a bit belated but I did plenty of talking and explaining about the seriousness of the matter.


Dh replaced the door knobs with knobs that lock so we will be sure this never happens again.


In the house we recently moved out of, this same cat had gotten stuck in a space behind the built-in TV cabinet in the living room and had to be cut out of there too. She is now about 12 or 13 years old. I think she has used up a few of her nine lives.

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The first time I met DH's parents, their cat did the same thing. We never had pets in the house when I was a kid and I'm not a big cat person; there is my future MIL, getting ready to plow through a wall to get the cat out! I learned a lot that weekend and it makes for a really good story at Thanksgiving.

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