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There was a regular HS and a charter school in our neighborhood that would allow a HSer to take at most 2 classes. The HS required you to test into the class, and the charter school would only allow classes for 7th+. Both were in Phoenix.






(clearly, both would be in the same area if they were in our neighborhood... where is the "I'm a dork" icon?)

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Does anyone know if a homeschooler could take a class at the local high school in AZ? I know we can participate in sports, but how about classes too? Thanks!


I know people who have had kids in sports at local schools. I've *heard* that if you are in Phoenix (and I realize you are not) you can take an academic subject or two, but I don't know for sure. Someone told me that rules are different by city & even by school district, but I don't know if that's true. Clearly, I haven't really researched this! :tongue_smilie: I'd call the school.

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