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Latina Christiana 1 -- do younger dc need the workbook?


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This year my dc (1st & 4th) are doing Prima Latina. My first grader is doing it all orally, no workbook. She has a hard enough time writing for her her math and English lessons so I decided to let her skip the workbook.


Thinking ahead to next year and Latina Christiana 1: my then-5th grader will do the workbook, no question. Can my then-2nd grader tag along without a workbook, or is LC1 set up differently than PL? I don't expect her to totally master the material and I assume I'll repeat LC1 with her at some point... just not sure whether I should get 2 workbooks or just one.


Thanks for any advice you can give!

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I think your 2nd grader could use LC1 without the workbook, focusing mostly on memorizing the vocab and the grammar chants. I think you could have her copy the vocab/chants and do some of the easier exercises with you orally.


My only thought is - eventually they will have to use separate programs. Perhaps it would be good to go slower with your 2nd grader and spread LC1 out over two years. Then she could do LC2 in 4th grade. Your 5th grader could finish both in 2 years. Positive - you wouldn't have to repeat LC1 at a later date and your older daughter may go more quickly doing it alone. Negative- you'd have two different tracks to monitor (although your younger daughter will be so much easier b/c you would have just gone through the lessons with your older).


If you do the plan I mentioned above, I would recommend a second workbook. Even if she only did a few of the exercises for each lesson, it would be a good beginning. And I'm sure her writing skills will progress quickly over her 2nd grade year, so her workbook use will increase.


Just some ideas. :001_smile:

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