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May I just melt down here?

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I could do this irl, but I feel like everyone else is enough of a mess and I just don't want to contribute to it. Money is tight and we were supposed to have our 1 and only vacation in the forseeable future this week. We're staying in my mom's camper for a week and going to Disney. Well last night, 3 days into our trip, dh was holding a steak knife in one hand, the dog in another and the dog reared up pulled his arm into the knife, about an inch deep. He immediately lost sensation in the arm. He's been in the ER since last night with out of control pain. Coordinating our stupid insurance has been a nightmare. We need to get him back home to see a hand surgeon. I'm probably going to get him on a plane tonight and the pack up the kids and dogs to leave tomorrow. He has lost sensation in half of his writing hand and we're being told it could be 6-12 months before he recovers, and even that might only be a partial recovery. He's a pastor and is supposed to officiate the wedding of our dear friends this Sat and teach on Sun. Our assoc pastor is in India and I have no idea how those 2 needs are going to be met (did I mention that the wedding is for our worship leader? So even extended worship will be hard to do). Not that that is my main concern. My main concern is that dh writes as a huge part of what he does. All of his study and teaching is going to be tremendously impacted by this. Not to mention stuff like he plays catch with ds every. Single. Day. I want to cry, but I just can't right now. I'd also like to curse and I just may do that when I'm driving by myself a little later.

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I feel for you. :grouphug: My DH had a similar accident about 5 years ago, just 4 days after I had an emergency c-section for my 2nd child. He reached into a cupboard and a thick glass blender jar fell out, and fell towards the ground. He instinctively went to reach for it, it bounced off the ground, shattered into 100 pieces, one of which went deep into his right hand. He is an art restorer and of course, he needs his right hand. He went into emergency surgery for 6 hours and had an adverse reaction to the meds and was vomiting for 14 hours.




He started rehab the following week and within 2 weeks had sensation again in his fingers (he'd nearly severed one off). He was holding a brush again within a month. He was in rehab twice weekly forr 9 months, and he is 100% recovered.


So there is a lot of hope for your DH. Also, just so you know, my friend is a computer programmer and got terrible carpal tunnel in both wrists and so was unable to write or type. She got a program which she speaks into and her words get turned into type and it worked very well.


I know you don't want to hear this right now, but it could have been worse and it WILL get better. And maybe your DH could kick a ball with your son instead while he recovers. :grouphug:

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Shannon, these things are cra**y and always happen at the most inopportune time!

However, many people adjust and become ambidexterous after some incident like this. Your dh may well learn to write with his left hand if he has to.

Deep breath, pray and wait for an expert's opinion. Anything else is speculation and drives us around the bend needlessly. Now, when my next crisis

arrives, please remind me of this last sentence!




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I'm so sorry. I'm praying for your husband, for you, and for your family.


Is it at all possible for one or both of your parents to fly down to Florida and continue the time at Disney with your kids? Then they could drive back home with them, and you're not driving the camper on your own.


Then you could fly back home with hubby and be able to spend the time with him getting him set up with surgeons and all.


Sorry - I can't help but try to think of solutions to make it easier for both of you. Ignore any lousy, unsolicited advice. Prayers continue either way. :)

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