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Help!!!!!!!! with Literature Plans

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I have no clue to how to teach my 10th graders how to keep a reading journal nor do a literary analysis. I am hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction of a general guide for my kids to follow while doing their literature course.


Is there an outline or something that we can follow for each of the books they read... like a grading rubric to keep a reading journal and to write a literature essay? I found several literature guides, etc for specific book titles. I need a basic lesson plan that can be used as a generic literature guide.



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Are you assigning books and just unsure of what else to have your 10th grader do besides read? This may not be what you are looking for, but here goes...


I find the Well Educated Mind to be the most comprehensive source for literary analysis. There are details on how to keep a reading journal and many discussion questions for analyzing different literary genres at different levels. It doesn't have a grading rubric. I'm not big on grading -- either the work is being done or not and progress is being made or it isn't. What you want in an essay is a clear thesis statement, then logical arguments that directly relate to the thesis. It won't happen immediately -- you work towards that end.


The site resources Susan was pointing you to are here: workshops and handouts. You'll probably want to start with "What is literary analysis". There are also mp3 downloads of these workshops available for purchase at Peace Hill Press.


I myself use Sparknotes in addition to the basic questions found in the Well Educated Mind. I sometimes also search on-line for lesson plans for particular titles, and sometimes get Teaching Company lectures, too.

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Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a huge help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My next question is...


For a semester course (1/2 credit) in literature, how many books are typically read and how many of those have reading journal and/or literary analysis essay assigned per book? I went to TWTM site Jenn linked me to and Susan recommended.... it said to not do writings for all books read.


Do you think that if I have my kids read 6 books, and have them do a reading journal for four books and write three essays... is that enough for 1/2 credit?????

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