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Christian or Secular...You Gotta Watch this Video

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I hope this is ok...I am shamelessly sending this to everyone I know and groups that I think would appreciate it. If you are Christian, the father and son in the video speak about their relationship being a mirror of the Father's relationship with us....just so beautiful. For those who are secular, the relationship of the father and son is just so beautiful, you can just appreciate it for what it is. The son, BTW, was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and the family was counseled to let him die. I have bawled (and not just a few times, let me tell you) when watching this.




PS: There is Christian music playing througout FYI

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This is an inspirational relationship, but the price has apparently been high. Below is an excerpt from a 60 Minutes episode in Australia.




LIZ HAYES: Team Hoyt is now a corporate identity with high-profile sponsors. They make appearances all over America and the running never stops. Dick and Rick have set themselves a gruelling schedule — a marathon almost every weekend. But their success has come at a high price. Twelve years ago, the relentless commitment took its toll. The family fractured and Judy left the marriage. Do you see it as an obsession?

JUDY HOYT: Oh God, yes.

LIZ HAYES: On whose behalf?


LIZ HAYES: Not Rick?

JUDY HOYT: I don't think so.

LIZ HAYES: You think it's about fame?

JUDY HOYT: Yeah I do, I really do.

LIZ HAYES: And you think it's exploitation and some manipulation of Rick?

JUDY HOYT: Yes I do, I honestly do.

LIZ HAYES: And that's just because it doesn't stop?


DICK HOYT: I got a lot of telephone calls and e-mails from other families of people with disabilities and they said, 'What are you doing dragging your son through this? You're just trying to make a name for yourself'. But they didn't know he was dragging his father through these races.

LIZ HAYES: I was going to ask you about that criticism. Is this is not exploitation on any level?

DICK HOYT: I just feel now that Rick is the athlete and I'm out there just loaning him my arms and my legs so we can compete together.

LIZ HAYES: Team Hoyt is a household name and viewed as an inspirational around the country. You're saying it's far from that?

JUDY HOYT: If you know the truth.

LIZ HAYES: Alright, so the truth is what?

JUDY HOYT: I think the truth is that Dick uses Rick to feed his own ego.

RICK HOYT: To tell you the truth, it was my idea to begin running with my dad. I do see my role as the inspiration of Team Hoyt. Also, I was overwhelmed with a sense of happiness that I could show that life goes on beyond disability.

LIZ HAYES: What everyone does agree upon is that Rick and his father are an inspiration. But, at 66, and having recently suffered a heart attack, even Dick's own family question how long this can go on.

DICK HOYT: I don't think Rick would wanna continue competing when I pass away. Rick says that we're a team. We started out as a team and that's the way we do things — as a team.

LIZ HAYES: So when you know that you can no longer do this that will be it?

DICK HOYT: Well, maybe Rick will say, 'I don't wanna do it'.

LIZ HAYES: Or when Rick decides he doesn't want to do it?

DICK HOYT: He doesn't wanna do it, that'll be it.

LIZ HAYES: That will be it.

DICK HOYT: That will be it. Yes.

LIZ HAYES: Is that a day you're prepared for? DICK HOYT: Uh, that's hard to say. I won't know until that day comes, yeah. I just think that we've got a long way to go yet.

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