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5th grade Math - help?

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Okay so we are using LOF fractions and Spectrum MAth workbook (5th Grade)

I chose these because 1- she loves the style of LOF ( loves reading the wmpy kid books) \. the spectrum i chose for extra practice and to keep on guide with her grade level.


I realize this is only the second week,. the first week didnt go so good. (posted in another thread & thanks for the help there)


My question is for a kid that knows the Math.. and still draggs to do it what could help? She s very good at her multiplication facts so thats not a problem.

She's doing pretty well with the LOF except chapt 3 we hit one problem that was a 2 digit division and that completely threw her off.. she just starting whining..that she cant do that .. its too hard!


SO Ive been just having her do about 20-30 practice questions n the Spectrum book.. just to review.


Tommorrow we will go back to LOF. But I know the division is approaching us..

What am going to do with the "harder" work that she hates to even try??

I told her there are things that she "needs" to do and it can take 10 min (because I know she knows it) or she can cry and whine an it cn take 2 hours.


I have found some website math games.. but anyone know of any that actually show step by step division?? Thought maybe that would help.. she doesnt get my "explanation" plus Im apparently not as fun as a computer game! ;)

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You said that she knows her multiplication facts well but that 2-digit division threw her off. I'm not familiar with Spectrum - has she already mastered long division there? As I understand, that's a pre-req to LoF Fractions, and one reason I had to put it on hold last year. With LoF, I think it is important to have those suggested basics down cold. Now that DS has mastered long division to where he is comfortable, LoF is easy and fun.


If she is struggling with long division, you might need to check out another program for that. We use RightStart and its stepwise approach to long division worked really well, but it isn't something to dive into in the middle.


Some of the LoF problems will still be difficult because they ask kids to think differently than the standard worksheet problem. With DS, I make sure he knows failing the first couple of bridges is normal, that's why there are five. We really talk through any he misses on the first bridge and even go back to that part of the text to make sure he understands the concept.


Don't know if that helps. Best wishes!

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Thank you both! I did put the LOF on hold for a bit and we are jjust practicing basics.

I found a site kidsnumbers.com and she did some division on there and Seemed to enjoy it. Ill be sure to try the Math drills site


Thanks I think maybe I jumped into too much to start.. so we are easing into things now and I feel its going a little smoother. :D

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