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Let's talk about the SAD and alternatives

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As our family is trying to move away from the SAD (Standard American Diet) into a more traditional whole foods diet, I'm always looking for ideas and support and community! While reading blogs is great (that sounds wrong, but it is grammatically correct LOL), I always feel the need of a sense of community and talking with other like-minded individuals :)


I'm reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon right now and feeling that this is, indeed, where our family is moving in terms of a food movement. Good fats, soaked grains, protein and lots of it, as well as veg and fruit that is seasonal. No processed foods or refined sugars (though the sugar is REALLY hard for me).


Anyone else here? Anyone else moving to a food movement not typical in America now? (low-fat, low carb, or processed food reliance?).

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We eat a vegetarian diet in our home. That alone puts us out of the mainstream. We avoid HFCS, hydrogenated oil, and red dye 40. Some combination of those three ingredients appear in most processed foods. I usually cook from scratch, but do buy fake meats and bread. My goal is for 80-90% of our food to be nutritionally sound - whole grains, fruits, veg., etc. The other 10-20% allows us to share meals and holidays with friends and extended family.

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We've done a traditional foods diet for about 5 years. We started with reading NT and love it, although now we're on a more restricted version of Weston Price called GAPS, which we're using to recover our son from autism.


The TF diet is a big hit with our family. People feel nourished and happy, and DH and I have lost weight.


I am an alternative health practitioner and the TF diet has helped a lot of my clients as well


If you're not careful it can become meat-heavy. We aim for 80% plants, 10% meat, and 10% fats (by volume, not calories!) We eat fermented foods everyday and drink only raw milk.


Have you looked at the Weston A Price Foundation? Maybe you can find a local chapter? (And after TF try reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, if you haven't yet. It's an eye-opener.)


Let me know if you have any questions. I have a lot of TF experience personally and through clients.

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Love some aspects of Nourishing Traditions....never felt comfortable eating lots of meat, though, so we don't. We do raw milk (at least, dd and I do), soaked grains and nuts...but our diet is based on vegetables and fruit.

I am inclined more towards raw foodism nowadays but we are just coming out of winter here and I have been more NT than raw food over winter. Now that the weather is warming up, I want to go back towards a more raw food diet. It makes me feel awesome.

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