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Body washes?

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I need a really good cleaning body wash for dirty boys with sensitive skin. One boy had mild eczema. The other had a really bad case of Keratosis pilaris. I tend to want to give them very strong soaps. Mr. eczema plays tennis every day on clay courts. Between the clay and the sun screen and sweat, he's a pretty dirty kid by the end of the day. His brother is a swimmer so I guess he's getting a fair amount of chlorine in that water. The both bath daily, of course. But because of these skin problems, I need to move to something very mild and gentle .... but still effective.


Anyone have a recommendation? I would say they both tend to toward dry skin. I have been using CeraVe myelf, but I think it's probably not an effective enough cleaner for the truly dirty!

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My hubby was burned years ago and the Dr's told him to use Dove or Basis bar soap.

My grandson has severe food allergies that show up as ezcema. My DD uses Aveeno products or none at all. They prefer to just sit and soak and let the water do it's job all by itself. The more he soaks, the better his ezcema gets. I do know that is a controversial attitude, but it works for them.

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We use Dove. I tried Basis years ago and found it too drying. Everyone in our family can use Dove and there are varying levels of skin sensitivity here.


Besides, both my mother and grandmother use/used it and both have/had positively luminous skin in their older years :001_smile:.

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