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HWT K Questions


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I have 2 questions:


1) What are the step-by-step directions for magic c as refered to on pg.110 of the K teacher's manual?


2) Is there a letter story for magic c like some of the other letters?


1 more- Does it explain line bumping to the children or me anywhere?

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1. There aren't step-by-step directions spelled out. It just says, "Say step-by-step directions as you demonstrate." I think maybe you're supposed to demonstrate and talk them through it while you write? "Start at the top line, curve this way around to the bottom line, finish right under where you started" or something like that. I couldn't find specific step-by-step directions spelled out anywhere.


2. No, there isn't a story.


Line bumping is just writing the letter so that the strokes touch the bottom line as appropriate; i.e., so that the vertical line in "T" touches, or bumps, the bottom line instead of stopping short or going below the line. It applies to appropriate curved strokes too (as in "O"--the bottom of the "O" needs to bump the line). I think they also use it when strokes need to come back up and bump the top line too, as in lowercase "a" or "g". I don't see anywhere that it's explicitly explained (at least, not just in a quick flip through), but they talk throughout the manual about bumping the lines and it's pretty clear in the context what they're talking about.



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