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Book report ideas for 4th grader...


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My son is a VERY reluctant writer. He loves to read, however, and will read just about anything I plop down in front of him. I want him to be accountable for what he reads, but I'm not sure how to do that. I've seen some "book report" type forms online, but I know that he would just answer each question with as few words as possible. He's not very good at giving a verbal report either because he gets so overwhelmed with the idea of telling me the whole book (sometimes over 100 pages long), that he doesn't really know what to leave in and what to leave out. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for me?


Speak, O wise Hive, I am listening!:bigear:

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Some of these look fun.





Personally, I would keep it light and fun so that he doesn't dread reading the next book because of the next report especially if he is a reluctant writer. :(


But if you want it to be about writing as well... In general, the "Who, What, Where, When, How, & Why?" questions are the best place to start to narrow it down. At first I wouldn't worry about short answers for the first part of the "report". Just call that the brain-storming phase. In the next phase, formulate sentences for those responses. And then paragraphs. Eventually he'll have a report!


I like this form: http://bookreports.learn-about-it.com/book%20report%20outline.htm

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What about having him read just a chapter or two and narrating that to you. Then every other or so narration he copies it. This helped my son see what was important and also helped him see what he was wanting to say in writing. After the first couple of times coping, he did go to using less words in his narrations then realized when he reread all the narrations from one book there was not enough detail for a book review. This helped him understand the difference between rambling and not enough detail.

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