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anyone have corticosteroid shots for plantar fasciitis/Morton's neuroma/Metatarsalgia

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I'm returning to the podiatrist in the morning for this excrutiating pain, and this is the next course of treatment. I've had them in my hip and I'm just don't want the shots if they're not going to work....



My feet are flat and I was always in pain. I started to tear up when I talked to the podiatrist about things I used to do but can't because of my feet.


My pod was not a warm kind of guy. He just said get these shots and I said OK. I had no idea what I was in for until he pulled out the needle. I realized that LONG @SS needle was going to my very tender, sore feet. All of a sudden I got scared and asked in a wavering voice if it was going to hurt. The doc paused and said coldly,"Yes". He then called in a nurse to assist. I think he called her in to hold me down just in case I flipped out.


The shots were terrible. I mean, he just stabbed my feet. He used the numbing, cold spray but I think I went into a state of shock anyway.


But hey! It worked like a charm. Really, I was very happy with the results.


Oh yeah, the shots were for plantar fascitis (sp?).

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I was diagnosed with PF and have Morton's neuroma in both feet. What finally helped me was the right shoes for my feet (Danskins for indoors and Birkenstocks for outdoors, plus a specific combination of OTC inserts for my running shoes). My pain was mostly in the heel, and the Danskins lift my arch high enough to relieve heel pressure for me. The Morton's Neuroma doesn't act up when I wear the OTC inserts in my shoes (unless the toe box of the running shoe is too tight).


Anyway, I mention all this because the podiatrist basically did nothing for me that helped. It took two years of trial-and-error, plus an experienced shoe saleswoman in an up-market shoe store catering to older people, to finally get rid of the pain in my feet.


PF isn't the only cause of excruciating foot pain. In my case, it was internal bruising of the heels caused by ineffective arch support. The exercises designed to stretch and relax the muscle didn't do a thing for me; relieving the heel pressure did.


Also, you might want to look into "computer-assisted gait analysis". A local company set up shop in Sam's Club for a week and I had my dd go through it. Basically a computer analyzes your gait and designs a custom orthotic to correct your feet. Cost for a pair was under $200, and you have 60 days to return if they don't work out for you. This is a *lot* better than the passively shaped orthotics that podiatrists make -- both in terms of correction and price.


Sorry I can't give you info about the shots. Since foot pain tends to be chronic in nature, I figured you might want to look for other options after the shots wear off.....

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I also have Morton's neuroma in both feet as well as bunions on the inside of my feet and Taylor's bunions on the outside....joy, joy, joy. I have not had to have shots at this point. It has just been this year that they have started to bother me especially if I wear shoes that are a bit too tight. I bought some over the counter inserts and that really helped my feet.


I am so sorry that your pain is very bad. I do hope that you find relief and if you get the shots, that they won't be too painful.

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A few years ago I was having excrutiating pain in my foot and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot and it was great, my foot didn't hurt at all. I too had been extremely nervous about them putting that big long needle into the spot that was in such pain. He used the freezing/numbing stuff and I didn't feel a thing.

But about 6-8 weeks later it started hurting again, so he gave me another shot, it did nothing for the pain. I was already to have surgery done, but our insurance required me to have a least 3 cortisone shots before they would cover the surgery, so I got the third shot. I guess three is what it took because I haven't had any pain since then and it's been 4 years.

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