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Math in the Comics

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Look at the Jacobs math books. He has math comics from Pogo, B.C., Hilda (I think- the one with the witch). He may have others too but those are the ones I remember.



Right, I'd forgotten all about that. Dd, 15, found Jacobs boring & I sold it. Too bad, because since then we've amassed about 5 Algebra 1 texts. I'll have to see if they have it at the library.


Since I remember when my schools switched to New Math (not when it first came out, since I'm not that old) I particularly like the bats doing Algebra in Impollutable Pogo (plus, I like his humour, although he's not always being funny, of course.)

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There are a LOT of Foxtrot cartoons with math (I love the one with Peter taking a physics test... "Doodlers shouldn't take physics."). Calvin and Hobbes had quite a few as well. Early one with Hobbes under the desk and Calvin asking "Psst... 7 + 2... " and Hobbes telling him "72". :D

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