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Saxon Math - 4th editions PLUS Geometry coming out?!

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Can anyone enlighten me as to the upcoming new editions for Alg 1 and 2 (4th edition) with the addition of a separate Geometry course? Until now, I'd appreciated the fact that Saxon incorporates Geometry into the other books negating the need for a separate Geometry book.....what gives?! ("Saxon also integrates geometry with algebra (similar to curriculums found in Europe and Asia), which ensures that the student will never have to stop learning algebra to learn geometry. Some people have heard that Saxon does not have enough geometry. This was true of the older editions, but the new editions have more than enough geometry" - a commentary taken from the DIVE CD website....)

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But--Saxon publishing was recently purchased by a major publishing (traditional text book) company. They get to make any changes they want and are probably trying to make it appeal to the masses (public schools with state requirements--like Texas).


Ahhh.....that could explain everything.

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