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About buying science kits....


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you know, like for Apologia....I went to Nature's Plus Workshop site and saw they had Elementary Anatomy kit for $75.00:blink: I just thought wow.


So I made a list and went to the store; then another store to get single type candies (we don't have any candy in the house) and the medicine dropper, nylons (people still wear these?) and all that little "cheap" easy to find stuff. So I spent about 38.00. I still need knox gelatin, another candy and I did buy my science stash of salt (.52), flour (2.00) and foil (generic).


So because I need the odd stuff like iodine and aguar and blood kit, I spent $25.00 at Home Science tools, buying the basic kit for the oddities. If I bought it separate, it was more pricey.


Now I know I don't have to buy ANY of this stuff. I also know that if I fly by the seat of my pants, that one kind of candy may be just as good as the other. But I don't know this for a fact till I do the experiment.


So $75.00 was NOT outrageous and not only that, NPW has it all prepackaged into ziplock bags per lesson!


You know...do the math. I went to two stores. I am 15 miles from Walgreens, about 22 from Target and Walmart and grocery. It took me two hours to find the candy, go to both stores and it really drove me batty. One store had one thing, the other didn't.


Save your sanity ladies......the kits aren't as outrageous as they seem! The only thing about buying it yourself is that you can spread the expense. But I can guarantee you, that if I don't buy it at year's beginning, it won't happen and it won't get done.


Kicking myself for saving a couple dollars and losing my time, gas and sanity in the process.

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I agree with your assessment. I did it the 'piece by piece' method last year and was aggravated, often late with the experiments, and ended up with bits of this and that left over which I also found annoying.


This year I bought the kit from Nature's Workshop. Science has been a joy and I know with each lesson's supplies ready in a marked bag we will complete the experiments without aggravation.

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