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2nd Graders

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How much do you get done in a day? What time do you get started, and what time do you finish? Is school 'done' when a certain amount of work is completed, or when the clock strikes a certain time? I just wonder if I am expecting too much.




I have a second grade ds. Here is a link to his weekly reviews. You can see what he has been up to this year.


I have to say that I am not a stickler for neatness. Frankly, I don't care one bit if it is neat. However, I do expect speed and accuracy. If it takes a long time or ds is having a hard time arriving at the correct answer/ understanding what we are doing, I do stop and go over it again.


this thread

this thread


These are 2nd grade threads that might help.


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I wrote what I felt to be a reasonably ambitious plan. It's detailed out in some subjects for all year, and most for the first half of the year. we started the 2nd week of August, and have completed 3 4-day weeks of our planner.


We've also had busy weekends (3 SCA events the last 3 weekends, including one out of town), gone on a couple of museum trips, etc.


I've already seen good progress from DD, particularly in her enthusiasm for reading (she's actually ASKED to read to me a few times, instead of me having to coax/cajole/threaten/bribe/insist her into doing it). And I'm not sure going faster in math is a good idea, as she still hasn't memorized her addition facts, though she's grasping the concepts needed to add larger numbers just fine.

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Mandy your son seems to be doing 5th grade work so wow! But I don't think that gives an average 2nd grade picture.


My dd is in 2nd and she does about 4 hrs of school on M/W and 3 hours on T/TR and we participate in a co-op lesson on Fridays. She also has tests totaling about 1 hr and additional free reading. She also watches educational videos and listening to CD's that I don't include in the total hrs.

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We alternate history and science days. I throw in German if we have time. ETC online, CLE Reading, LA, & Math daily and then some oral reading or extra spelling practice.

We do everything else daily and usually start about 9:00 and finish up by 2:00 depending on how long I let lunch go. If we have a longer break then we finish a bit later in the day but I'm usually wrapped up by 4:00.

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We have a lot planned for 2nd grade. Today is the beginning of the 2nd week for us, so it remains to be seen whether it is realistic for us or not. Last week we did everything I planned by lunch time.



  • 5 days a week: R&S English (10 min), Reading practice(15 min), R&S Math (45 min)
  • 4 days a week: WWE2 (10 min), spelling (10 min), piano/music (20 min)
  • 3 days a week: Catechism (15-20 min), Science (20-30 min), History (20-30 min), Greek (20 min)
  • 1 day a week: penmanship (5 min), art (20 min)

In an ideal world, the times I listed would work, but they don't always. Ds also takes breaks to play outside to run around. He needs to burn off energy a few times a morning or he can't concentrate. It also doesn't count when I am reading aloud to the kids either, which we try to do 2 times a day. Today for some reason took ds a long time and we didn't get done until 2 - and we skipped art and Greek. :001_huh:

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DD is in first grade, doing second grade work.


We work from 2-3 hours each day (depending on projects)- usually done by lunch, then we read after lunch until 1:30. I have a weekly schedule that we follow that flexes w/ our extra-currics/family schedule, so each day's workload varies as certain subjects are covered only on certain days. Work is 'done' when we've covered every subject scheduled for that day. :)


We also have a reward system- bonus given if work is complete by lunch...and it usually is. :)



-Math (Math Mammoth 4x a week, computer games/review 1x a week)

-Read aloud (5x a week, 20 minute minimum)

-MFW ECC (includes science & history)



-Bible (2x a week)

-All About Spelling 2x a week

-Explode the Code 3x a week

-Handwriting w/out tears (2x a week)

-Growing with Grammar (3x a week)

-Creative Writing (2x a week)

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I assign a set amount of work, and when it is done, they are finished. I have found that this approach encourages speed. If there is a set amount of time and not content, they will d-r-a-g out their work and not accomplish much.

I don't really define my children in grades, but this is what my just about to turn 7 ds does;

morning takes about 2 hours

1 row of math independently (rod and staff),

penmanship, one page

explode the code 1-2 pages

rod and staff phonics 1 page (3times a week)

ordinary parents guide to teaching reading ( 2 times a week)

writing with ease( 3 times a week)

first language lessons ( 3 times a week)



the afternoon takes about 30 minutes-1 hour

science (3 times a week)

history(2 times a week)

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This is our 3rd week and what we have been doing so far is:


M- FLL, Phonics, Read to me, Spelling, Math-U-See, Science

T- FLL, Phonics, Silent reading, Spelling, Math-U-See, French, Roots of English Workbook, Health

W- SOTW, Music, Art

Th- FLL, Phonics, Reading, Math-U-See, French, Roots of English, Science

Friday- Geography, History Read aloud, Math-U-See, Science, Spelling Test, Prepare speech to give to dad about the week


We are having a science-heavy year this year, because I really got into planning out the earth science stuff, and I found several classes they could take at different locations.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that second grade work is taking a bit too long. Dd does 20-30 minutes of independent work in the morning (ETC, spelling, handwriting). We start everything else at 1pm when ds takes his nap. I would love to be done about 3, but several times lately it has been closer to 4. I think our biggest problem is that math takes her at least 30 min, usually 45. She understands the material well, it just takes her a while to complete it.

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It takes us about 2.5-3 hrs a day and yes, I have set lessons to be completed. If this were not the case we'd never get anywhere because DS1 is lazy and dawdles. It could take him 20 minutes or 2 hours to complete the same amount of work - just depends on his frame of mind.:glare:

Here's what we do...


A Beka Phonics/Reading


Math - Singapore and A Beka

History 3 days/Science 2 days

We also do art & music after lunch. I don't really count that in my hours because it's pretty relaxed and non-academic.

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