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There should be a disc that says student management system. Download that and it will automatically set up lessons for the child. Doing it that way my kids did 4 units one year and 4 units the next. If you need help with the system they have great customer support. On the second year our computer got fried in an electric storm and I could figure out a way to get it set back to that lesson. The customer support helped me easily.

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I bought the homeschool version (version 1). I suspect that you might have bought the version that is for the general public. Did you buy it new. If you did they should still have a record of your purchase. When we lost one of the workbooks I contacted them and they sent me updated disks. If you bought the general public version it might work differently. My version did not have an on screen keyboard but as I recall the character keys were given at the start of the first typing lesson. I sold mine about 2 years ago when my dd graduated so I don't have my paperwork anymore. Other than trying to hash it out with customer support again (you should have a copyright date on the box and maybe a serial number) I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe you'd be better off going ahead and buying the newer version.

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