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phonemic awareness activities/curric.


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Can anyone suggest a curriculum for phonemic awareness? I'm not talking letters (grapho-phonemic) -- I mean sounds (like -- "do you hear the 't' sound at the beginning, middle, or end of this word . . .) There is so much to it all -- it would take me forever to make one up myself.


Sound Beginnings, a phonics program somewhat based on WRTR, has a few activities like this. But really, I don't think that there IS so much to it. Part of it is just asking the child, "Listen to this word, what sound is at the beginning?" I haven't felt the need to do any formal phonemic awareness activities with any of my kids and they've all caught on without even having it taught.

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My dd4 has also caught on fairly well by us just talking about things as they arise, and when she asks me about words me making her try to figure it out herself. Like, she'll ask, what does ___ start with, and we'll sound it out. She remains confused at times about first, middle, last though--have to talk with her about it and think about it with her.

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Check out this link:


Phonemic Awareness


My MIL who has been a private K teacher for 30+ years uses this with her classroom. It's a little pricey ($69), but it's a complete, fully laid-out, pick up and go curriculum. I was able to look through it last time she visited and have now ordered a copy to work through with my kids. The lessons are 5 days a week, done orally and take 10-15 minutes per day. They have little motions for the kids to do - like karate chops for word segmenting, etc.


The Blue book is for Kindergarten and the Yellow Book is for 1st and 2nd, but their website says you can use the Yellow at half pace for K as well. You can look at samples on the website as well.


It's funny because my MIL had shown me this book over the summer and I really had no idea what it was for...then all these threads about phonograms, phonemic awareness, etc and the little light bulb came on :tongue_smilie:. I thought I at least had reading down and knew how to teach it to my children :lol:!


Oh and for anyone as clueless as me, the website talks about what phonemic awareness is and gives some other helpful info on teaching reading.



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