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Please help! Online calendar program for ADHD?


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One of my daughters has started community college and is really struggling with due dates, etc. She's ADHD and because of other disabilities cannot use a paper-and-pen system; she'll need something she can type in. She'll need to be able to set up alerts, so she doesn't miss appts, tests, etc.


She has Windows 7 on her laptop. Would Windows Live Calendar fit the bill? Is there a way to get the calendar without accompanying email program (not needed)?


Please help -- she's missing assignments, etc.!

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I use pocket informant on my iphone, and it syncs wtih google calendar and toodledo (task organizer). DH and I sync our calendars this way too. Google calendar and toodledo are web-based so you can do them on a computer but they sync with the app on your phone. I imagine it is also available for the droid, but I would check first. I LOVE this feature of my iphone. If she goes this route, another good adhd app is bugger. With it, you can set repeating reminders every x minutes/hours/days etc; till you complete a task. Great for me remembering to put the wash in the dryer or get something the next time I go upstairs lol.

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