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Microscope necessary for apologia biology to count as lab-based??

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My husband has okayed us getting a microscope. My daughter is probably college bound and our state does require 2 lab based sciences. We are already doing apologia biology and realized this. Is the microscope necessary to count as lab based? I don't want to find out I did a course and it didn't count.


Thank you!

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If I understand Apologia's website faq:




there are 3 kinds of labs in biology in their program:

1. microscope based

2. "household" supplies based

3. dissection based.


In order to count as lab credit, apologia seems to say that student needs to do all of two of those categories.


we got our microscope and kit from Home Science Tools



You don't need the dissection stuff until later in the year (I think???? module 9????) Microscope labs start in module 1.


Here's a nice link to a co-op that did apologia Biology. They have their microscope labs on the blog



Been helpful to us when we weren't sure if we were doing it right or missing something.


I plan to count biology as lab credit since we are doing the scope and "household" based labs. We're undecided right now on dissections. We might get some kind of virtual option on that. I dont' know yet.



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