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Recommendation for Preschool Workbook?


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I really liked the Kumon workbooks, especially the Kumon First Steps for this age; so cute and the kids LOVE them:




Another set we liked for preschool (and even above) is Developing the Early Learner:




ETA: Hmmm...this second link doesn't seem to be working for me. When you are at Rainbow Resource just type in Developing the Early Learner.

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I haven't seen those big workbooks so I can't compare, but my dd11 loved doing the Rod and Staff preschool workbooks when my older dd was starting out homeschooling:




Looks like they've added two since we did them!


I second the R&S books. We are enjoying them and they are very gentle. The workbooks are black and white so they would be great for a child who loved to color like mine does.

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I just bought a few books for my 3.5 y.o. Since he doesn't speak English, these are very light on language, mostly math and thinking skills.


School Zone Thinking skills

Brighter Child Sequencing and memory

Active Minds Math Getting your preschooler ready for math


These are mostly colored. I picked them up at Borders, under $4 each, but they fit my requirements and he likes them :)

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