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Need large group game ideas for preschoolers

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I need some group game ideas to keep a large group of preschoolers busy and involved for about an hour. Relays aren't good for this particular group as some tend to wander off, and there aren't extra adults to corral them. Here's what I have so far:


Duck, duck, goose

Ring around a rosie

London Bridge


I'm sure there are lot of other games I've forgotten! What group games have your dc enjoyed at Sunday school, preschool, or Awana? Any ideas would be much appreciated!!!!

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Hokey Pokey

Farmer in the Dell

Sally, Go Round The Sun (like Hokey Pokey).


Read them a book and then act it out--We did a book based on 3 Little Kittens and gave the kids mittens and cat ears--so cute, and they did it twice!


Try to get a recording by Hap Palmer or Ella Jenkins. I love to give the kids various rhythm instruments and play "Play Your Instruments and Make a Happy Sound."


Sing a bunch of songs from Greg and Steve, or the Down by the Bay album by Raffi (Brush Your Teeth and Down By The Bay are my fav's).


Make an obstacle course and have them go around box, under a table, thru a tunnel, over a...well, you get the idea.

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Freeze dance--turn on some music, pause it every once in a while, and they freeze where they are when the music stops.


Simon Says (you may need to be Simon all the time, and you may not want to have kids be "out")


Mother May I?


Musical Hula Hoops--similar to musical chairs. Put hula hoops around the room (enough so that 1-3 kids can stand in each one). Play music while the kids walk around the hula hoops (but not in them). When the music stops, they all have to jump into a hula hoop. Take away a hula hoop each time and enjoy the fun as they try to squeeze more and more kids in each one (you might not want to try to go all the way down to one hoop!).

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I googled a couple of my favorites since they're less well-known - the links seem to sum up the rules reasonably well.


Giants, Wizards and Elves is one of my favorites - maybe only if the kids are mostly 4 and up.


Fruit Basket is a simple tag game.


You can also play "Everybody's It" - where kids have a set space and if anyone tags you - you're frozen. If someone else tags you, you're free. There's no end to the game - you just play for five minutes or until kids start dropping from exhaustion.


Okay, now I'm thinking of way too many more... must go to bed so I can do school in the morning...:tongue_smilie:

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