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I closely considered both last spring. I went with HOD because of how the lesson plans were set up. They have everything laid out for me...MFW looked like more work on my part. Plus I love how we have all our books on hand...MFW has many you need to check out from the library. Since we have a tiny library, that would have been a problem.


I'm amazed at the activities in HOD. My DC think they are fun and I love that they actually use materials we have on hand. The science experiments are simple enough for them to do...many other science projects are more for them to watch me do. I'm not sure if MFW is the same in this regard or not. I wasn't sure about the science textbook in Beyond (with the next level HOD moves to living books and notebooking), but we do a small experiment, then read a page of the book for reference....It's not dull and dry at all!


We also have a history and/or geography activity each week...sometimes it's a game, other times we build a project. My DC really enjoy them. Our art project also ties into our history readings. These are typical school projects (which I'm not 100% thrilled with), but my DC really enjoy them. Last week we made a tulip out of construction paper and a straw so it could "grow" out of the construction paper flowerpot.


I haven't used MFW, but I'm really happy with HOD. Looking at the future levels, it looks like it will only get better!

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We used MFW Adventures for my dd's 2nd grade year and LOVED it. Moved on to ECC the next year and couldn't get into it at all. Used Bigger last year for ages 8 & 11. It was 'okay' but had to tweak a lot to make it work and I wasn't crazy about the spine books.


So I guess it depends on what year you're looking at, the kids, their learning styles, etc. I think Donna A. asked a good question--what are YOU looking for?

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