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TT v. Singapore Math


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My ds (11) and I are using TT7 for math this year. We're one week, four lessons in, and so far he's been fairly insulted by what he's learning: number systems, adding with carrying. I've reminded him that every school year starts off with some review, but he says this goes further back than the start of the school year last year, when he was in 5th grade in ps.


Today I got to looking at Singapore math and it definitely seems more rigorous than TT. However, if I were to take a guess, ds would place into 5A.


I can't say I regret purchasing TT. I think the thing that pushed dh over the top in terms of getting his support for homeschooling was that he equated Level 7 with 7th grade math and loved the notion that we could advance our son in math more quickly than was happening in public school. I think likewise, it would have been a major blow to both him *and* my son to have my son place into Singapore's 5A.


I have a hunch that we're going to blow our way through TT7 at which point I'll be ready to move to Singapore. Is there anyone here who knows offhand where ds might place at the end of TT7? It seems like there are many of you here who have experience with both curricula.

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Hopefully someone else will chime in, but I'm not sure it would make sense for you to switch into Singapore Primary Math so late in the program. I don't think TT teaches math in the Asian style, so it would be hard to adjust to that. But I have no experience with TT at all, so I'm just guessing.

If you did want to switch to Singapore, you could start with one of their secondary programs, meant for after Primary 6, like NEw Elementary Mathematics or Discovering Mathematics.

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