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suggestions needed for a teen to learn English

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My niece lives in an area that is strictly French speaking. She will be graduating from high school this year, from a private school that is of decent quality. She can speak English but is not fluent.

Her parents are looking for options to put her in total English immersion next summer and I'm drawing a blank.


This girl is schooled, and is a 'party girl' . She's not out of control, but she flourishes in the middle of a group, very very social to the point of not knowing what to do on her own. We thought about having her work as a helper in a family, but she's really not a good fit for that. She should be part of a teen group. (ok, 'should' is up for discussion here, but this is what the parents are thinking....)


The parents are willing to let her travel to some camp, or school, or whatever, either in the States, English Canada or Great Britain. We're looking for such a place.


Anyone with suggestions?

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