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Can you help me find a rice and veggie steamer w/o teflon?

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I'm considering getting this: http://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-Cooker-Model-Formerly/dp/B000I5UEQM.

This website has a whole list of info on it:http://www.ultimate-weight-products.com/page/UN/PROD/miracle/Q-MIR-ME8


I don't know why this has turned into such a hard decision for us, our old one is scratched on the bottom (teflon).


Can I ask a silly question? Can you use make veggies and rice at the same time? Does it change the flavor of the veggies? Do they get gooey starch on them?



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We have a Caflon Calphon (?) multi part pot. Big pot that hold a liner with holes (you can strain things with the liner) or there is a steamer basket that fits in the top. It also had a nice glass lid. Calphon also is known for not emitting toxic stuff. It is rather expensive. I think we got ours came from William Sonoma (Christmas present). It is very handy for everything from pasta to steaming veg. We have not used it for rice.

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*Love* my rice cooker. I put rice in the bottom, then on the steamer I put a layer of spinach and then a layer of fish filets. I put a thin slice of lemon on each one. Sometimes I'll add diced tomato. If it's white rice, the fish is done at about the same time as the rice. Very easy meal, very healthy, low in calories. Plus, tastes fantastic! Shrimp also works.

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I'm saving up for one with a clay insert:




It's expensive but I really want it. We have a restricted diet so we don't eat out at all and make everything from scratch so I am going to justify it that way. :tongue_smilie:


Ohhh, very, very, nice. I feel as if I might owe them something just for looking at the lovely pictures!

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