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Ecce Romani vs. Cambridge Latin (x post).

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Here I thought I had made up my mind and then I go and get myself all confused again. :D


My oldest has done both LL Big Book 1 and Minimus (both books) and has done them mostly independently. I dropped out of LL around chapter 12 and haven't been of any help since. I need something she can do independently as much as possible and she prefers the reading approach now that she has done both.


I know the readers are more interesting in Cambridge and I have heard that the grammar is easier to understand in Ecce Romani (ER). Given my grammar weakness I was going to use ER. Not that my dd has the same weakness, but if she doesn't have me to fall back on, I will be posting questions for her, or have her posing on the yahoo group out of desperation. I just thought it was the safe bet, and ER has a rep for being strong enough of grammar, where Cambridge I seem to remember I was advised to also do more grammar with it (via another program or supplementing).


Of course then I see the independent learning guides for Cambridge, so I have to sir the pot once again. ;)


Which would you recommend for a 7th grade girl who works well independently and is strong in grammar? If I do go with Cambridge do I need a Grammar program to go with it? If so which one? I was looking at Latin Alive, but will it go far enough?


Last question, on the main site it shows a DVD, which I don't find for sale in the states. My dd is an auditory learner, and really loves the CD that goes with Minimus. Would this be a good argument for ER, which has audio CD?



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If your daughter is an auditory learner, she will love the YouTube course I am putting together. As she has some Latin already, it will consolidate what she knows and build on it. The course uses a lot of spoken Latin, and is also grammar intensive.

I have already uploaded over 250 short lessons:


This can be supplemented by the Latinum podcast - I would recommend Comenius' Orbis Pictus bilingual from Latinum to build up a good vocabulary store, and once the bilingual audio has been studied, the monolingual version.



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Author of the Latin Alive! course (on her email loop) says it can be used for jr. high at a slower pace or for high school, 1 book/year. I find it pretty strong on grammar, and the DVD is very helpful to this non-latin mom. Readings are based on historical authors and there's a lot of roman culture, derivatives, state mottoes, etc. all incorporated.


ETA: My son used Cambridge 1 & 2 in jr. high, but I didn't discover all the online help until too late in the year. Well worth exploring. Cambridge is more based on fables and historical stories (like Pompei) and has a bit of a cartoony feel. A CD is available but not (that I know of) a DVD.


I did order Cambridge unit 1, with the CD's (Thanks to the help of someone over in England).


My only concern, at this time, is Minimus has all been review of what she learned in LL, so of course it has been easy. Why not like it better? I wonder if, when she hits new material in Cambridge, will she bug out?


I have no problem also buying Latin Alive! this year, but wasn't sure if it covered everything she would need to finish the first unit of Cambridge. I have printed both TOCs out, I just haven't got to the sitting down and comparing them part. :D Do you know off the top of your head if LA! will cover all she needs for Cambridge Unit 1?


Latin Alive! will remain the back up plan, because of the DVD's. Those would also fit my learning style better so I could maybe finish my Latin education... and would probably work better for my more visual 2nd dd. It is just a matter of time till they are purchased. :D



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