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What does everyone use for English grammer for a 1st/2nd grader? We've been using First Language Lessons and Writing with Ease but just aren't liking it. What else can others recommend?


I'm happy with what we have for spelling and I don't need something for writing- I can do copywork on our own and she writes in her journal a few times a week.

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Well to be honest, nothing--curriculum-wise, that is.

We tried FLL in 1st grade, but didn't go very far. In second, we tried Rod and Staff, but it didn't cover very much and I wanted to wait a bit.


We did use the wonderful Ruth Heller books (A Cache of Jewels, Many Luscious Lollipops, etc.), the School House Rock grammar game and video, and another series I can't think of--similar to Heller's books and found at the library. I also had her spelling with SWO, and we learned to capitalize; punctuate with the period, the exclamation point and the question mark; and write a "friendly letter" by sending thank-you notes.

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I wasn't keen on FLL and WWE, either. I wanted my DD to have her own book and write independently (even just a few sentences) sometimes.


I bought BJU English 2 and so far we are only into the first few lessons, but as an English major and former high school teacher, I like what I see so far. DD is happy with the colors and the Christian references; I like how the lessons progress from modeling to guided practice to independent practice.


Every other chapter varies -- one is more grammar focused and the next is more writing focused.


Not cheap at $90 new (free shipping at Christianbook.com) but I figure I can use the TM with future kids. I'm sure homeschoolclassifieds.com would have something used.


I'm sure there are many options out there. Good luck with your decision!

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