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Scheduling for Vcabulary for the High School Student

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For those that have used this, how did you schedule it out? I'll be using the one for High School student and the one for the College bound student for my two teens.


Did you just break it down by pages (x pages in the book divided by x days of school = x pages per school day), or did you divide it up by sections or something??


Thanks for your help!




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Did you get the teacher's manual on CD? There is a Two-Semester Plan on there that runs 36 weeks. It isn't broken down by day, just suggests what to focus on each one or two week period. It also doesn't include the tests, so I'll have to figure out where I will add those in.


LMK if I can provide any more info. :)

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I know this might sound crazy but I had my son set a timer and work on the vocabulary for 20 minutes every day. Then each Friday I sat down with him and checked what he did & had him go over the vocabulary list outloud with me checking for pronounciation and meaning. Worked for us!



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