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Please help me analyze my dreams

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I keep having dreams at night in which I'm my younger self (in junior high with a bunch of peers going to a convenience store to buy junk food like it is the most exciting thing in the world and feeling the same angst as I did back then about things that I would consider so stupid now, being single and getting a new apartment that needed cleaning badly, being with groups of people from my past and feeling like I was really there.) Most often but not always these dreams feel negative, sometimes I am involved in doing something repetitive and frustrating or trying to do something quickly and not doing it fast enough. Sometimes it feels so bad that I can't take it and wake up. Often when the dreams wake me up I find I am physically uncomfortable in some way, either too cold or too hot or something else. Why am I having these dreams where I am back in the past? Maybe it's partly that I am yearning for a time when my problems were simpler. My 2 oldest have severe special needs and life is unbelivably tough and I worry profoundly about their future. But why can't I have more happy dreams or have dreams where I'm an adult? I have had so many of these dreams that I think I should try to understand them more.

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If found in my case, that it is often the emotion of the dream (being frustrated for example) that mirrors my life now. :grouphug: I don't know what to suggest other than perhaps some soothing bedtime rituals - some might be things that will help your morning be simpler (Flylady has good hints for this kind of thing) and some might be ones that help you to relax, perhaps something like taking a warm epsom salts bath or reading something uplifting but not too stimulating.

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Maybe it's partly that I am yearning for a time when my problems were simpler.



I think you may be on to something here. :grouphug:


I also have strange dreams where I wake up uncomfortable and/or digging through the nightstand looking for A.) headgear for the braces I wore 28 years ago :001_huh: B.) birth control pills that I haven't taken in more than 15 years :001_huh::001_huh:. This happens at least 2-3 times/week.

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sometimes it mirrors our emotions, sometimes it is prodding us to deal with things we need to deal with.


so fwiw, you might try picking an area of your house and cleaning it, tidying it, etc. put in an hour a day for 7 days and see if the dreams change.


you might look at your diet and eliminate artificial foods. cook from scratch for 7 days and see if the dreams change.


you might look at the media you are watching, reading, etc, and change it radically. listen to mozart, read a classic, turn off the tv. see if the dreams change.


schedule an "adults only" evening. i forget the ages of your dc, but it may also be empathy/sympathy and it may be changes in their lives that you can help them think about.


add in 30 minutes of outdoor time and 30 minutes of exercise a day, and check your rising and retiring times to make sure they are reasonable. the more closely they mirror the natural world (ie. sun up, sun down), the better you will feel.


(and it could also be looking at you being in a time of transition, of some of your own current "growing up" - we never stop. if so, the above things will help stabalize everything else while you work on what is changing).


good luck!


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