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Upper level math sequence

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We have been using Saxon and will probably complete the advanced math text this year. I'm trying to figure out the best way to tentatively schedule the next three years. If cc is available, we will have more options, but I want to try to come up with a plan that doesn't involve cc.


There will be one more Saxon text available - calculus. I'm wondering if it's wise to start calculus in 10th, or if it would be better to do AP statistics in 10th, and then the calculus in 11th. Would the year between advanced math and calculus make it too hard to pick back up again? Would it be better to go right into calculus and then do statistics in 11th? I'm thinking, at this point, that the next level in calculus should be available online, or at a cc, and she could do this in 12th, but should that directly follow Saxon calculus or is it okay to have the year of statistics between?


Is there another option that I haven't listed? Would it be better to have a year of math based logic, or some other math topic? What about a bookkeeping/accounting type course?


Any suggestions or BTDT experience is greatly appreciated!

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We're doing statistics in the 10th grade year this year with my younger one. My daughter just didn't seem completely comfortable with the algebra yet. This will give her some time for it to seep into her brain. She'll be doing chemistry this year as well, so I'm hoping the math in that will also help improve her math.


Or you could do AB calc in 10th, BC in 11th (if you intend to take the AP test), and finish up with Calc 3 and/or differential equations in 12th (which would be of more use if you can have your student enrolled in a college that year). My older one got through the calc 3 before college this way. She could have done diff eqns, but got sidetracked by more interesting stuff. (And I'm actually glad she didn't as she will now take a class that's more geared to the physics major she's in that will not only cover diff eqns but also other math tools that are useful for physicists. I'm not sure a regular diff eqn class would have covered all those things.)


OTOH, lots of kids, even hard science majors, get to college without even the first AB calc, so there's no reason to get through diff eqns in high school unless it's something your student finds interesting.


Also, FWIW, my older one essentially did take a year off math (she was pretty ahead of the game) and didn't have any problems coming back to calc after a year gap following precalc. She didn't do stat that year either, although I would have wanted to. (She spent more time on whooping cough that year than school work.)


OK, that was all rambly and hard to follow. Basic take home message: probably doesn't matter. Do Calc or Stat this year -- whichever looks interesting. My kids forget math so quickly that they could have only a gap of a week and they'd forget as much as they'd lose over the course of a year. So a gap of a year is really not terribly important. But it comes back pretty fast.

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